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Donald Dobkin is the most prolific author of scholarly works on immigration ever to come from the ranks of the practicing immigration bar. An internationally renowned lawyer, he handled handled over 7000 cases in his career. His writings on immigration law, administrative law, civil liberties and constitutional law have been published in leading law reviews, journals and as book chapters. His work has been featured on Immigration Lawyers Weekly, The International Bar Assn., and numerous internet websites such as the Immigration Law Professor Blog, the Administrative Law Professor Blog, the Legal History blog, ILW.COM, Interpreter Releases, the International Bar Assn., and the Canadian American Bar Assn.

His latest publication appeared in the Georgetown Immigration Law Journal, the leading scholarly immigration law journal in the world. He has lectured on a variety of topics while at the American Medical Assn. and at universities and hospitals. He has given seminars in the United States, Canada and England and has made presentations of his scholarly work at numerous academic meetings. He is also a past chairperson of the Oakland County, Michigan Bar Association, Immigration Law Section.

Look for his new book, Behind the Greencard: How Immigration Policy is Killing the American Dream, by Algora Publishing, NYC, in early 2013.



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Behind the Greencard: How Immigration Policy is Killing the American Dream
In June 2010. Eric Balderas was a Harvard student studying molecular and cellular biology in hopes of a career in cancer research. Within days, he became a controversial figure after attempting to use his Mexican consulate card and Harvard I.D. instead of his passport…Read More


Recent Articles
Here are a few of Donald Dobkin’s recently published articles.

Challenging the Doctrine of Consular Nonreviewability in Immigration Cases

Georgetown Immigration Law Journal (2010)

Race and the Shaping of U.S. Immigration Policy

UCLA Chicana/O-Latina/O Law Review (2009)

The Rise of the Administrative State: A Prescription for Lawlessness

Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy (2008)

The Diminishing Prospects for Legal Immigration: Clinton through Bush

St. Thomas Law Review (2006)

Court Stripping and Limitations on Judicial Review of Immigration Cases

The Justice System Journal (2007)